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November 15, 2013
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The Challange WIP 1 by BlackBirdInk The Challange WIP 1 by BlackBirdInk
agh, ok. bear with me.
i am having a hard time this week. just ordinary things piling on top of one another and making a big heap of just... crap.
thus, art-wise i get blocked. feeling unsatisfied with my own art. like, by now i should have improved another step up the ladder and yet i'm still down here.

ugh, does anyone else find this problem? cause i'm feeling like the only whinny artist around. i mean, i know artist are known for being emotional and erratic and bla bla suffer for your art, or whatever. but i'm looking around (yes i know i should not compare self to others) but it seams like they are getting on with things, while ever little bump in my life seams to block me from art! EVERYTHING in my new environment is counter productive to inducing creativity of any kind. this sort of explains why i know of so little Ukrainian artists, like old masters.... and the little i've
There is danger here for the creative mind!

anyway, because of all this in my head, i'm stuck. even a simple sketch page seams like climbing Everest. thus, the reason i'm so slow with making those lately.

and yet, at the same time i feel like, if i was honest, i'm not pushing myself. i dont mean, push when i'm exhausted cause that just leads to more exhaustion for longer. no, i mean i dont challenge myself. and that's what i want to do now. with this picture. on this one, i want to find a better way of inking, then the way i normally do it and maybe find a way to color that goes better with the line work. since that's what i dont always like in my drawings.

so this is step one. the improved sketch. i've no idea where to go from here....
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lemonlime Nov 16, 2013  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
I've always loved your characters because of how animated and lifelike they always look. I can definitely say I've seen you improve exponentially since I've been watching you, even still.

I've just recently come out of an art slump that's lasted for what seems like a couple years now. I got so caught up in getting better, then extremely frustrated when I believed I wasn't. Then life was more important. All kinds of crap was going on then and drawing was the last thing on my mind. Now that I'm in a more calm environment and I've taken a break, I'm more comfortable saying that I have a lot to learn still, and I just try to enjoy what I'm working on instead of doubting my abilities the whole time. All the while being objective about my slight improvement. I think the better you get the harder it is to get better and the more you have to challenge yourself to look for inspiration you've never considered.

I can't say I'm very good at this yet but thinking about it this way definitely gives me peace of mind.
This is beautiful. I see him asking her to trust him, and she's hesitating. I can't wait to seem more!
Also, yes, as a writer I feel like sometimes I should be getting better at what I do, and should be able to motivate myself. Sometimes things flow from me, and other times, it's like giving birth.
BlackBirdInk Nov 15, 2013   Digital Artist
ah, i love how you read the body language! ^__^ there at least i am pleased.
 I love this. I think it's really well done. Sometimes as an artist you hit a plateau. Your work is still lovely as ever and it's always a joy to see what you are coming out with next. =)
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