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November 21, 2013


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i'm trying completely new things or thing i've not done in ages, as a break from all form of my normal digital art.

so far i've tried a Dragon Age: Origins character creator. its fun, but i really want one that is from the game Aion because when Mike was playing it, he asked me to help him create one. its got the best controls i've ever seen so far.

oblivion was ok. skyrim got better. some other games i dont remember the names, and didnt play, just make characters from Mike, well they were ok, some where crap. but Aion was what i look for in controls. you can change the size of random things like hand or feet size. but i love esp that is always looked stylized and painted, not realistic. i do not like too much realism.

anyway, from there i have tried to use a few programs to make my own 3D sculptures. the idea is "omg this would be the best artistic reff of all time!"  well, its not as easy as all that. i'm not much good at 3D work. apart form chicken wire and paper mache. that i love to work in, but dont really feel like it now. all forms of real clay i've tried, i found hard, messy and just a huge mess of ugh. 

zbrush: what the hell? i cant even... i dont know. its probably great for people who know what they are doing.
mudbox: ok, a bit easier and controls are move visible, but omg why is this so hard!!!!
Sculptris: ah this is more like it but why are there so little presets? still, much easier to use for an painter-like brain like mine.

3D is hard. how do you people do it? i knew i was bad at it since my 3D class =) so its not too surprising.

to the people who have mice as can have all of mine. they live in the walls and make mouse holes in EVERYTHING. how is this fun?

i'm also crocheting fingerless gloves from really thin thread, not wool =) not using any kind of guide to this, just making it up as i go. best way i do things.

and i'm baking and cooking a lot. if we didn't have to eat, man imagine all the extra time we would have!

commissions will continue, no worries. i just needed a break. i want to give myself time to miss it =) and of course, letting your mind do all sorts of other things, does help the creative mind stay creative. same thing over and over again sort of kills me. (learning things about myself here)

oh, and thinking of starting up writing again. i've not written just for fun in such a long time.

so, what are you lot up to?
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gabriellestory Jan 9, 2014  Hobbyist General Artist
How's the crocheting going? I don't envy u. But do post pics of the finished product!
KV-Arts Nov 24, 2013  Professional Traditional Artist
Your head models are looking great! :dance: I'm going to have to try this Sculptris during winter break :) I use 3D Studio Max but a geezer version (10 years old). I haven't used it in a few years so I am super rusty. Last major project was making a model of a cartoon character to do a 2D turnaround. I'm using Poser right now to do a short animation for my CSI class. All models are premades so it looks realistic (to a point...) but I have to learn how to animate on the fly really.

Would love mice!! I used to have one as a pet in junior high. :love: I also want a tanned mouse pelt. I guess I'm one of those who wants their guy "dead or alive" :giggle:

I am busy with criminal justice classes. I have a 10 minute presentation on Wednesday that I am still working on... Hate myself for that but it is going to be so awesome~ :excited: After that I start studying for finals and write a 5 page paper. I also have to go back to court to watch a jury trial for a class. Already sat in an arraignment court and that was just rapid fire of defendants and lawyers talking to the judge.
And on xmas I leave for the East Coast to see family and tour New York :dance:

So I'd say my life is in excited panic at the moment =D

:hug: Miss you.
So good to hear you're exploring new things. I know that it can help open your mind to other things. To more creative avenues. And taking a break is ALWAYS important! ALWAYS, especially for someone who works as hard and long as you do on your art and or commissions. You deserve every moment. and should do this more often! :) 

As for me:

I've hit a creative slipstream! I'm just coming out of a long dry spell, I think because I was making a blanket for a friend that I DID NOT want to make anymore. It kills me. The applique (which is like collaging but with fabric) is sooo much fun, but then putting the blanket together is NOT for me. I can't sew a straight line to save my life! LOL but yeah, now that I'm done with the major frustration of that stupid blanket, I can write again!! I just have to keep it up!

knorfka Nov 21, 2013  Student General Artist
Gurl you should have done this a looong time ago, you need breaks to stay artstically sane. Same goes for writing, and just about everything else. I know they say you should "exercise your artistic muscle" every day but pushing it when it's not working doesn't really help it just makes you crazy. So, you are doing the right thing by getting your hands into a lot of other outlets. 

I got a job last month and have been basically working, sleeping, and occasionally writing and gaming... my hubby and I got Pokemon X and Y and I've been slowly chipping away at it since it came out in October and I just got my eighth gym badge yesterday... god I remember the days when I could get that far in a few days. I've been wanting to draw but have been sucked dry by stress for inspiration. I'm frustrated by how dull my gallery is and don't feel like I want to keep doing the same boring thing over and over so if anything I've just been thumbnailing bigger ideas for more extensive work at a later date when I'm not overworked. Even a day or a weekend doesn't feel like enough time to decompress.

Enjoy your break! 
RavenPiobaire Nov 21, 2013  Hobbyist General Artist
It's good to hear from you! Glad you are experimenting! WE're knocking out the manuscript left and right for The Dark Cometh. Thank you for all your hard work, I know it's been killer. And we look forward to the new pieces as well. Take your time, we miss ya, but we rather you be happy and not burnt out!

Much love and Support from Opacite Inc
Brandon, Kevin and Raven
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